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Sports Bra Benefits – The Importance of Wearing one for Running

Benefits of a Sports Bra for Runners

There are many sports bra benefits for you, your running and your body. Exercise-related breast pain is believed to affect around 70{0a00b7f19cfae603d857fe25d0a6cf6f5825db1f256901fb36653366660d6b73} of active women with the main cause being inadequate support. Shock Absorber is the leading sports bra brand and is at the forefront of sports bra innovation. Their sports bras are based on extensive scientific research, bringing together pioneering design and quality, giving you the support, performance and comfort that you need, with no compromise on style.

According to Shock Absorber’s research*, a staggering 68{0a00b7f19cfae603d857fe25d0a6cf6f5825db1f256901fb36653366660d6b73} of all exercising women in the UK are not wearing a sports bra! Just as you wouldn’t run in stilettos or play netball with a rugbyball, your regular bra is not the bra to exercise in. A good sports bra is an essential part of every woman’s sports kit.

Contrary to what you may think, there are no muscles in the breast – only the skin & the delicate Cooper’s Ligaments support the breast tissue. Once the ligaments have been stretched beyond their limit, as a result of breast movement during exercise, no amount of toning exercises can restore them. Unsupported breasts during exercise can have two key negative impacts – breast pain and irreversible breast sag. Regardless of size all active women need to wear a sports bra as unsupported breast movement can be as much as 4cm in A cups and up to 14cm in G cups.

Research shows that breast movement is reduced by only 38{0a00b7f19cfae603d857fe25d0a6cf6f5825db1f256901fb36653366660d6b73}** when wearing an ordinary bra but a Shock Absorber sports bra reduces breast bounce by as much as 78{0a00b7f19cfae603d857fe25d0a6cf6f5825db1f256901fb36653366660d6b73}*** so is twice as effective as a normal bra.

Sports Bras can seem a bit more expensive than your everyday bras but it’s because they are designed and constructed using technical fabrics that remove perspiration from your skin, keeping you dry and to help prevent any uncomfortable chafing.

Be aware that your sports bra will need replacing when it stops offering the same support as when you bought it. This might be as often as every few months if you are using it regularly.

The new Shock Absorber RUN bra is a revolution in sports bra design. During running, breasts move in a continuous figure of 8 pattern, which can lead to rubbing or chafing as a result of the repetitive motion. Shock Absorber has developed the most effective sports bra available for running. This high performance bra offers more focused support, for a more focused performance. The bra combines advanced features with targeted breast support, achieving an overall bounce reduction of up to 78{0a00b7f19cfae603d857fe25d0a6cf6f5825db1f256901fb36653366660d6b73} when scientifically tested*. Specific features and sports bra benefits include a completely seam-free inner and concealed elastic under arms to reduce chafe and rubbing and technologically advanced non-slip, fully adjustable padded straps. It has been developed with high performance fabrics and breathable mesh zones to keep the body cool and has the added advantage of being fully opening at the back for easy on and off. A piece of kit that no female runner should be without!


You should always try a sports bra in the same size that you would wear your regular bra and if in doubt, get professionally fitted. Here are a few tips for finding the right sports bra…

Is your bust fully contained in the cups?
The cup should contain the whole of the breast and the fabric should appear smooth. If there are wrinkles in the fabric then a smaller cup size should be tried. The breast should be completely held in the cups without overspill

Does the chest band feel firm?
The band that goes around the chest should be level at the front and back. It needs to be comfortable with the ability to take deep breaths whilst still being firmly in place. It’s the band around your back that provides most of the support for your breasts. Fasten on the loosest hook. If you are fastening your bra strap to the tightest hook, the chest band is too big for you. A good gauge to ensure the chest band fits well is if you can fit the width of two fingers between the chest band and skin, any more space than this and the band is too big and could cause friction. A smaller chest band should be tried.

Have you adjusted the shoulder straps?
You don’t want too much give between the shoulder and the straps, nor do you want them digging in. A good gauge to ensure the straps aren’t too loose is if you can fit the width of two fingers between the shoulder and skin.

Have you done the bounce test?
Jump up and down! This is the best way to test out the support. Still too much bounce? Try on another size to get the right fit.

Sports Bra Care
Signs that your sports bra is near the end of its useful days: The fit seems too loose or too big Vertical (up and down) movement has increased The fabric is pilling, or you can’t read the care label anymore

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*Shock Absorber Omnibus Survey 2009

**University of Portsmouth – Scurr et al 2005 – tested against ‘no bra’ condition

***University of Portsmouth – Scurr et al 2009 – tested against ‘no bra’ condition. Overall bounce reduction relating to Shock Absorber RUN bra



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