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Running Bras – The Most Essential Piece of Kit?

Running Bras

With a Spring Marathon looming large on the horizon, I thought I would use the Christmas holidays wisely and get some miles in my legs before accumulating Christmas lunch tyres.

As I was spending the holidays near the Isle of Skye, I thought I was prepared.  I had layers, many layers.  I had 4 pairs of socks for wet feet.  I had changes of t-shirts.  I even had spare newspaper for stuffing the wet trainers. I had managed to pack 2 to 3 days’ worth of kit so I could hit the tarmac while I was away into one third of my suitcase.

Imagine my horror when unpacking base layer upon base layer to discover – No running bra. Panic. Stations! Being that far north there was no options for nipping down to the local sports shop and no one to borrow one from.  After 10 minutes of options twirling in my head I gradually accepted my fate and pulled on my pyjamas.  Oh well – pass the Quality Street.

But on reflection, I wondered why I was so reluctant to run without my sports bra. I have run in everyday socks, and even cotton t-shirts if push comes to shove. So what was stopping me?

The science for wearing a good running bra is clear. I have always worn the Shock Absorber Run Bra, especially after an interestingly wet Great North Run left me with rubbed “burn” like blisters in funny places. Research by the Shock Absorber team has shown that your breasts move in a figure of 8 motion during running, and can bounce from between 4cm – 14cm, which can have a significant effect on the breast tissue. Their bounce-o-meter app is a great graphic for showing you what happens to your size too.

And speaking of size, this is an issue for all women from an A cup to FF and G cup. Ladies, you’ve heard the phrase “Small but mighty”, right? Yours need looking after too! Shock Absorber base their sizes on the same measuring system as most everyday bras, from 30A to 38DD, with expandable shoulder straps and 3 levels of back clasp. All of which means you can run in the knowledge it will keep you in place for the duration of your run.

In reality, it was knowing about the added bounce that stopped me going out – that and the thought of any projected chafing from my everyday support. I wasn’t prepared over a number of days to do something that could lead to long term damage to myself and my assets, for 3 days of quite short runs.

There really is an importance to wearing a good sports bra. It helps you feel more comfortable, secure and easy whilst running.  With the support they bring they can help boost your confidence, and make you run with a smile on your face, well at least the grimace is from the pain in your legs rather than anywhere else. No running bra (and no running shoes) are the only missing items that could have stopped me, even if I was denied running my favourite route in the whole world, over the Skye Bridge. So if you are new to running and wondering where to invest a great sports bra is the first stop with a good pair of trainers following closely behind.

Take a look at our full range of Running bras here.

Helen Wilkinson

Helen Wilkinson

Helen took up running in 2010 after having an epiphany watching the 2009 Great North Run. It turned out 13.1 miles was a lot further than it looked on the tv! But since then she has completed events from the Santa Dash 5k to the full 26.2 four times in some pretty cool cities. She is an average runner, who strives to do her best, beating her own PBs, even though Olympic Gold maybe just out of reach! She hopes her musings on everyday running are things that you will also feel about running, and will re-assure or inspire you to get out there and just run!

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